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Why Do People Eat Chocolate on Valentine’s Day?

We dress up with fun and goofy costumes on Halloween, eat delicious turkey during Thanksgiving, exchange gifts on Christmas time and begin our New Year with a toast of champagne and fireworks. We are just used to our ways to celebrate our special days, however, why does chocolate play such an important rule on Valentines day? 3 reasons for people eat chocolate on Valentine’s day are revealed here.

  1. The Biological Magic Behind the Chocolate:

Chocolate contains an endorphin: Phenylethylamine, also called as “the love drug”, produces the similar feelings when one is in love. Additionally, anadamide, contained in fat in chocolate, activates dopamine production. Dopamine can make people feel strong well-being and happy. With so many biological magic chocolate gives, why not treat your loved ones and yourself a bite of happiness?

  1. Chocolate = ‘Food for Gods’

The flavorful taste of chocolate not only melts in our mouth with flavonoid-rich flavors, but also melt our hearts in enjoyment. While people might agree that chocolate is a ‘food for Gods’, the word “Cacao” had more of a spiritual and literal meaning since Cacao God was sacred in ancient Maya society. In Greek, chocolate was called ‘Theobroma cacao’ — a Greek way of saying ‘food for the Gods’. Cacao beans were also used as currency for the privileged Aztecs. By knowing these, do you feel more special when you receive chocolate on Valentine’s day?

  1. Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Research has suggested that dark chocolate can potentially lower blood pressure, provide antioxidant benefits, decrease cholesterol levels, improve heart circulation, and even reduce memory decline in older people. With so many benefit listed, when you enjoy chocolate on Valentines day, you can also enjoy the health benefits of it.

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