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Epicurious Garden shares the same vision as the famous Greek philosopher Epicurious: to pursue pleasure and happiness around food and gardens. Click below for more information on our tenants.


Japanese Cuisine





Guacamole 61

Authentic Mexican Taqueria


Tea Court

Kitchen On Fire

Cooking School


Indian Bistro & Wine Bar


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Far East

Fine Arts Inc.

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"Love the patio, great casual dining spot." - Rissa C.

"Eating here is extremely zen, the setting in the garden is so peaceful especially on a nice day, the food is very tasty, and of course the tea supreme. I would recommend the place in a heartbeat." - Jane R

"It has a little bit of a mini-village feel. What could be better?" - Keltner

"Epicurious Garden, a one stop shop for gourmet takeout."

"No Spring Chicken, North Berkeley's gourmet ghetto gets a Botox shot of youth and glamour."

"It's hard to fathom Berkeley's gourmet ghetto getting more gourmet, but it's about to. Soon, East Bay Foodies will have a new one-stop spot to pick up a wide range of delectable food-on-the-go."

"Our goal is to be the Rolls-Royce of take-out - to make people's home their own four-star restaurant."

"North Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto hasn't seen such promise since 1975."

About Us

Epicurious Garden on Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley proudly offers a variety of gourmet dine in and take-out options in North Berkeley. In the Epicurious Garden, you can taste cuisines from around the globe, from Japanese sushi (Kirala), Mexican taqueria (Guacamole 61), Indian food (Tigerlily), to Northern Chinese (Imperial Tea). Also enjoy fresh homemade soup from Soop, gelato from Lush, and luxury chocolate from Alegio Chocolate.

At the Epicurious Garden, you can also learn the art of cooking by taking a class at Kitchen On Fire, a well-known cooking school and you can also immerse yourself in Chinese
paintings and antique collection at Far East Fine Arts. Epicurious Garden shares the same vision as the famous Greek philosopher Epicurious: to pursue pleasure and happiness around food and gardens. We hope you enjoy your delicious and pleasant journey with us.


The building dates back to 1916 when it was a movie theater. It soon became a furniture salesroom, then most recently Dale Sanford TV. It’s since been remodeled, showing off it’s exposed brick and featuring all new designs, lighting and a garden with a waterfall in the courtyard.

It took Soheyl Modarressi, developer, 3 years from conceptual vision to completion of the project. The project involved a team of architects and contractors to complete each part of the project.

The construction of the garden and its design involved three separate designers and landscape architects working together for over 2 years to complete!
Epicurious Garden shares the same vision as the famous Greek philosopher Epiciurious to pursue pleasure and happiness around food and gardens.

Growing the Epicurious Garden