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Epicurious Garden shares the same vision as the famous Greek philosopher Epicurious: to pursue pleasure and happiness around food and gardens. Click below for more information on our tenants.

Sunny Side Cafe

American Breakfast - Peruvian Dinner


Japanese Cuisine



Mexicana Taqueria

Authentic Mexican Taqueria

Kitchen On Fire

Cooking School


Indian Bistro & Wine Bar


Middle Eastern & Persian Cuisine

The Mozhai Foundation

Promoting Chinese Art and Culture

Buzz & Quotes

Talk around the web

"Love the patio, great casual dining spot." - Rissa C.

"Eating here is extremely zen, the setting in the garden is so peaceful especially on a nice day, the food is very tasty, and of course the tea supreme. I would recommend the place in a heartbeat." - Jane R

"It has a little bit of a mini-village feel. What could be better?" - Keltner

"Epicurious Garden, a one stop shop for gourmet takeout."

"No Spring Chicken, North Berkeley's gourmet ghetto gets a Botox shot of youth and glamour."

"It's hard to fathom Berkeley's gourmet ghetto getting more gourmet, but it's about to. Soon, East Bay Foodies will have a new one-stop spot to pick up a wide range of delectable food-on-the-go."

"Our goal is to be the Rolls-Royce of take-out - to make people's home their own four-star restaurant."

"North Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto hasn't seen such promise since 1975."